How to become a great speaker

I'm an agile coach. I'm a writer. I'm a vocalist. I'm a speaker. I'm not GREAT at any of these - yet - but I'm better than where I was a few years ago, and just might even be on the path to greatness in one of them. What I AM great at right now is LEARNING. I'm such a great learner, in fact, that many people notice it, and praise me for it. Trying to become great at any of these crafts involve learning and perhaps what I've learned could almost be called a process. I'm not a fan of process for process' sake. I do believe in process, however, for PEOPLE'S sake. If defining a process can help people get better at a craft, or their skillset, or life, I'm all for it. Process ON! So here is

Speaking of Flipping Agile...

I was incredibly honored to speak on my personal experience of remodeling homes while using Agile values and principles twice in the last year. For those who attended, you know that I didn't PLAN to remodel 6 properties while working full-time jobs - and raising 6 children - but I did it, and learned some valuable lessons about agile while doing it. For those who weren't able to make it, here are the slides. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions - or even want me to present for your group of agile enthusiasts!

Flipping Agile


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