How to build trust in your organization

Companies love Agile because they hear about the great results it can bring to the delivery capability of their IT organization. It's true that Agile companies achieve increased delivery speed, however, they don't realize they MUST change in order to achieve the promised results. For many organizations, one of the areas that must improve is a core area of Trust. A lack of trust can have a huge impact on any organization, because it reduces transparency and communication, limits ability to meet the needs of our customers and inhibits creativity and innovative ideas and solutions. Many books have been written on the subject, but the best I've read was The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team written by

How to solve organizational impediments

It's often been said that Agile exposes the problems inherent in the organization and management is left with a choice to solve them - or not. Either decision will impact the organization's ability to transform. In Agile, we call those problems "Impediments". Whether they're at the team level or the organizational level, these are the things that either slow the teams down, or prevent them from accomplishing the things they set out to do. So what if the managers are willing to solve the problems, but, facing years or even decades of dysfunction? Situations like this can overwhelm the most eager agile leader. What if introducing some simple agile practices can help? Following the Scrum pat

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