How to become a conference speaker

At the end of 2015, I set an intention to give back to my local Agile community and share the ideas that had helped our Agile teams succeed through speaking. I was fortunate that this happened relatively quickly, and just over a year later, I set an intention to speak at a conference. My inspiration came from amazing speakers who had shared their great ideas and I knew that not only did I share their passion, I just might be able to reach that level of mastery. I wrote about my journey to become a great speaker in a previous post. It's been a journey of discovery and many surprises, the biggest one that it takes a LOT of confidence and TONS of work to do this. The agile community is full o

What about the Managers? Strategies to engage and transform leaders

I delayed the Blog a week because I though I'd have more value to add after Agile Coach Camp. Last year's ACC was almost overwhelming and because I had no idea what to expect, also made a big difference in my thoughts. This year, the concept of open space wasn't new, confidence in my abilities were relatively high, I was listening to several podcasts and more involved in the agile community than ever, and I didn't expect to be surprised. I was wrong. I watched a coach write "How much do you make?" with a matching Open Space topic, realized that I no longer suffered from "Impostor Syndrome", and found that the small success at the organization I coached for 18 months might be just a bit bi

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