How to build cross-functional skills - yes, you CAN learn to sing!

In the past few years, I've worked on mastering the art of singing, and I've dramatically improved my skills as a result. These days, I get plenty of praise after I sing, and most people say I'm really good. On a really good night, someone might even say I'm great. Gee, thanks! *blush* One of the ways I've become good is to sing as many different types of genres as possible. I was classically trained but now I sing Alternative, Blues, Christian, Country, Hip-Hop, Motown, Rock, Soul, and even a little bluegrass. I also sing in as many venues as I can visit. Each one has a little different sound, and I get better because I have to adapt to be good in them. And then, I forget about that, a

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

I first heard the term "Imposter Syndrome" at Agile Coach Camp 2016. I signed up for Coach Camp on a whim, it was inexpensive and I heard about it in Agile Florida Slack (if you're an agilist in Florida, you should definitely sign up!). Coach Camp is an Open Space conference, because other than opening and closing activities each day, as well as some pre-set session time slots, everything that happens there is relatively unplanned. The Fundamental "Rules" of the sessions that happen during Open Space conferences are: Whoever shows up is the right group Whatever happens is the only thing that could have Whenever it starts is the right time When it's over, it's over The participants decide w

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