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The Power of the Right Fit

It's that time of year when many of us brave the crowds in search of the perfect gift. You know what I mean, the one that will bring just the right smile to our family and friends, without breaking our wallets and leaving us with a Christmas debt hangover that lasts for the next 3 years.

Many organizations are also searching for the right method to manage their projects in the next year, one that will achieve a better success rate than last year and deliver what the organization needs to increase their market position.

So you heard how agile can help your business grow and complete in changing market conditions. Sounds great, sign you up? Before you begin, you need to consider the fit.

Agile can bring amazing transformative change for your business, but only if it is prepared and willing to transform. If you introduce agile from the bottom up, you will reap benefits, but usually on a small scale, and the teams will struggle to fit within the larger organizational structure. If you mandate agile transformation from the executive level, you'll see other benefits, but the vision may not align with the teams on the ground. The best fit is an organization that does the homework to understand a market strategy that will drive it forward, while implementing an agile framework that drives change at all levels of the organization.

Take the time and you'll find the fit that compliments and moves the business forward. Force the change and it will just be another process that didn't fit.

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