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How to join a community

I've been just a little busy in the last few months, and needed to take some time to rejuvenate. Oh, and I started a new job with an extremely large company, where I'm part of a coaching team who will be helping 14,000 people adopt agile principles and mindsets.

Yes, I said 14,000.

That number is overwhelming. For many agile coaches, they'd focus on making changes within the IT organization, bringing in the business partners who will be involved, and it would be a much smaller number. This company, however, really wants organization agility, and they know that means everyone needs to understand how to be agile.

I'm used to being on a team, but not a team of coaches at the same level of experience (and more) as I. I came in a little nervous, how would we work together? Would we collaborate or just do our own thing? What if we disagreed on something major? So I did a mind-mapping session. I decided what the most important thing was for me to do (my own MMF, if you will) when I joined the team, and I did it.

The results are pretty awesome. We know we're all working towards the same purpose, here to help each other, and when we disagree (which we do, a diverse group of thinkers will) we respect each other's opinions, try to understand where we're coming from, and come up with a workable solution.

I'm loving my new job!

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