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Flipping Learning!

I’ve had several collaborations with different people this week, and each one has taught me something. From a retro on the powerful #WomeninAgile conference, to creating an accomplice canvas, to setting up Zoom for an upcoming #TampaWiA, to planning a completely different kind of open space for our commUNITY, the lessons flowed.

In the Retro, we captured our thoughts and then just talked. Like I don’t think I’ve talked before. And wow, the decisions that came from that! I can’t wait for you to find out. I won’t break someone else’s news. I learned that I love what we started, and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

The accomplice canvas was difficult to complete. I had to ask myself some uncomfortable questions. I didn’t love my honest answers. I was so aware of the existing system that I colored my hair blonder, to take advantage of the old adage. It’s true. I had a LOT of fun. I think that’s why I decided to let my natural color grow out. That’s what you see in my profile pic, at least on the top.

Fast forward, who knew setting up a Zoom could be so challenging? Well it was, so I got to see the next amazing speaker for #TampaWiA twice this week! You’re going to love learning from her if you join us. And Zoom should be good. But we’re jumping on 20 minutes early just in case.

Then the day ended with one last collaboration, this time with my amazing friend who in everyone’s friend, and really just wants a seat at the table. Anyone hiring? She is your go-to person to bring agility and equity to your coaching team. And boy does she inspire us all to be better. I do mean all.

And we’re only 2 days into the week!

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Tori Rowland
Tori Rowland
20 jun 2022

Good reading yyour post

Me gusta
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