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I posted my Flipping Agile Pizza game on Tasty Cupcake!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If you’re in the agile space as an Agile coach, Agile Trainer or Scrum Master, you might have uncovered, a repository of games to help agile teams experience the concepts you bring them.

I’ve borrowed exercises from the folks there, and put my own spin on them, like Michael S McCullough‘s amazing “Example, Please“ which I evolved into several exercises, including this one run against the agile principles at Agile&Beyond:

But for some reason, I never contributed. So I changed that this weekend.

Why? Because TastyCupcakes is built on a spirit of freely sharing our gifts. And love given freely is the best gift of all.

So I hope you LOVE the game I just posted!

About the game: Flipping Agile Pizza is an online mashup of the classic "Penny Flip" game and Ralf Krause’s "Kanban Pizza" game, and a source for at least one LinkedIn post:

I’ve given permission for others to make it their own on LinkedIn, and now I offer it to the world on TastyCupcakes.

I‘m creating an improved version inspired by the last run at FunConf. If you’re looking for a speaker, reach out to book some time! I especially love to invest in community groups and Meetups.

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