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What Agile Managers need to do more of

Updated: May 10, 2021

I’ve worked with so many managers I’ve started to spot patterns. Some are well-meaning but their Ivy League and Higher level of education and experience leaves them thinking they should make decisions alone.

There’s just one problem with that.

In today’s world of knowledge workers, you’re often managing people who know more about the details than you do.

If you fail to tap into that knowledge, you’re going to miss a great opportunity to use all of the data available to make your decisions even better.

How can you surface that data and grow your team’s capabilities at the same time?

Ask more questions.

Not just any questions though. You need questions that uncover the data you need.

  1. Tell me your learnings

  2. Tell me what slows you down?

  3. Tell me what would make your job easier?

  4. Tell me what your concerns are?

  5. Tell me what growth opportunities you need?

  6. Tell me your biggest stumbling block outside of your team?

  7. Tell me what you know about the work you’re doing?

  8. Tell me how the work you’re doing ties to our strategic objectives?

  9. What do you think but not say out loud in x meeting?

  10. If you had my position, what would you do differently?

And then listen.

Pay close attention to the words, tone and facial expressions. Make sure they’re congruent with each other. If not, ask another question. Make sure your words, tone and facial expressions are congruent to the conversation.

Then take a minute to think about how you feel when things aren’t working well. How does that make you react? What do you wish had been done differently?

Then go out and uncover better ways of working - together.

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