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New beginnings - How sprints have a positive impact on Agile teams

I've had an amazing summer, spending time with family members in 8 states (and 2 countries), and a total of 12 plane rides. My wallet might be lighter, but my memory banks are full. Travel helps me learn new lessons that sometimes change my mindset, and other times just reminds me of how much I've changed since I became an Agilist.

Last week, our family gained 2 new members.


is a 7 lb 13 oz ginger-headed boy, calm and quiet, and as cute as can be.


is a 14 lb 9 week old Great Dane puppy, loud and demanding, and as cute as can be.

Whether it's the newest addition to the family, a new vehicle, or a new shirt, there's something about the new that makes us happy. Google "New Life" and you'll get over 93 MILLION results. Whether it's a church, some auto parts, or a chance to start your life over, the Internet is interested in newness.

In fact, every year, billions of Americans set a New Years resolution. It seems like we desperately want a chance to start things over.

That's what's great about sprints. Every few weeks, the team takes a look at what happened, good and bad, and starts over. They can take the things they liked, changed the things they didn't and no one needs to be shamed. It's all a learning lesson, and part of the continuous improvement at the core of agility.

What are you doing to start over and continuously improve?

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