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Using agile to teach agile

I'm looking for my next role, coaching medium to large organizations as they move towards agility. There's a bit of sadness, balanced with enthusiasm, because it wasn't my decision.

I've been treated very well as we go through the transition, and had no problems with leaving - until the team I've been coaching decided they wanted training before I left. As it turned out, those were my last few days at that company.

Bouncing between grief and fear, I traveled to Atlanta. I had trained so many teams at this company that I knew the material without even looking at it. I helped the team understand what this agile thing is, and they decided how they wanted to apply it.

In the final minutes together, one of the team members thanked me, and said "I was worried this wouldn't be great because you're leaving, maybe even half-a**ed, but if this is half of what you can do, I'd be surprised. It was world-class.

I love this agile thing. He thought that because I've used the agile concept of Inspect & Adapt to improve our content for the past 2 years. It's really good, and I'm proud of what we achieved together.

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