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Coming alive in your work

I've helped hundreds, if not thousands of teams get a good start as they move towards agility, and a few things remain consistent. Once the team realizes the creative freedom agility brings to them, they come alive. This "aliveness" makes them rarely want to go back to their half-dead state.

Some exceptions come to mind:

  • when a micro-managing boss uses it as a tracking device

  • when they expose bottlenecks - and don't solve them

  • when nobody cares (happens more than you think)

I have a friend who comes alive inside the circle of an Open Space Agility event, she's always kind, but something magical happens when she steps in to open the space for others.

What is it that makes YOU come alive in your work? In your life? How can you tap into the aliveness more often? How can you help others tap in too? It's too good not to share!

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