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Are you an agile coach - or an agile implementer?

I'm a self-professed recovering perfectionist. I'm also a recovering agile implementer. I looked at the competencies described in Agile Coaching Institute's framework and thought I was pretty good. I'm an Agile/Lean practitioner who lives the agile values. I was a good developer. I'm a great facilitator, and have been told I'm a great teacher as well.

Mentoring? That's simply sharing my own experiences to help someone grow into their potential. I'm a natural change agent, because I'm curious and think of new ways to work better together.

Then I learned about commodity coaching. Taking someone else's ideas and experience as if it was your own. Bringing coaches, amazing coaches, but not agile practitioners, into the world of software development.

But the thing is, someone who hasn't experienced agile methods can learn about them, but they can only implement them. They can partner with those who have the experience of delivering software using agile methods.

I can and have as a Scrum Master, and as a practitioner who uses agile to reach amazing outcomes. That helps me help others figure out how to reach them too. Agile is not something that can be implemented. It must be experienced.

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