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Giving my time to Women in Agile - Peru!

I had an amazing time talking about the lessons that agility has given me, from my personal life, to my professional one, to my impact on the world, agile has truly been a blessing.

I spoke about all of the shifts that I didn’t expect in the “Game of Life”, and how they helped me grow my agile mindset. And that Grace Hopper was a badass. Like my puppies.


I felt proud that I translated most of my words and changed many words for icons, despite a handicap of icons not loading, in just under 30 minutes.

Then Joanna Vahlsing BLEW ME AWAY. She said she wasn’t going to use slides, then she changed her mind and pulled together an amazing story with slides. In less than 30 minutes.

Honored to share the spotlight with Joanna. Grateful to meet you all, and to show off our Shreks!

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