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She’s going down swinging

There’s a phrase in baseball that signifies trying with all your might to chase down a small white ball with a skinny piece of wood. They went down swinging.

That’s how my Mom lives, larger than life itself. She played fast-pitch softball, ran track and was on her school basketball team too. At 5’ tall.

Mom is a force in this world. She shines a light of positivity and love. Everyone loves her. Including me.

So when I heard she was having health issues, I booked a flight to be with her. Despite COVID-19. I wore an N95 mask, gloves and a huge hoodie perfect for protection. Took it all off before seeing her.

I’ve spent most of my waking time with her. And as much of my non-waking time as the hospital would allow. It’s been quite a week full of tests and talking about the options. We make the next right decision, ready to make another one as new information comes in.

I was ready for this. My #agile life prepared me. I’m so grateful for that.

Because Mom is going down swinging. She’s not giving up no matter how much pain she has to handle. And we’re so lucky to have one of the strongest women I know as our Mom.

Did I mention she drives a 32 foot long RV? Towing a car? At 87?

Yeah, my Mom is a badass. I’m proud to be her daughter. And I am helping her play her own game of life.

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