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The first week after an unexpected change

I’m going through the hardest days of my life. My 3 sisters and 2 brothers are too. Our kids and their kids dropped their lives to be here through the long hard days of goodbye.

I have never seen a person more loved or missed than my Mom. Everyone who met her loved her. She did so much for so many. Her last words were “I love you all too”.

A loss like this is hard to move through. Yet through we must. And inch by inch we learned to let go, and let God heal us.

We initially followed the patterns of old days, the well-worn pathways of selfishness and strife. Then we checked ourselves, reexamined our motives, and forged down a new path, hoping to find a better ending for all.

That’s kind of like the agile teams I work with.

They’ve established patterns of interaction, often full of conflicting departmental needs and priorities, and they follow that until they check themselves and look for the best outcome for all, and then they need to forge down a new path. Why is that new path so important? Because you know that old one failed.

New paths are needed when old ones go.

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